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Hultsfreds Gymnasium is a school that hosts a wide range of programs, whereof the vocational ones are gaining popularity each year. Health care and nursing, Children and recreation and Transportation and vehicles, Hotel and Tourism are some of the programs that give the student the opportunity to start a vocational career sometimes immediately after completing their 3-year period of upper secondary school.

The programs aimed at higher learning for university / preparatory programs, that allow students who choose to continue their studies after graduation, are also traditionally very popular. Examples of these programs are Economy, Natural Science, Social Studies and many more.

From a socio-pedagogic point of view, Hultsfred has been responsible for taking in and integrating a large population of refugees in recent years, who generally aspire to reach the working life as soon as possible, in order to make a speedy transition into their new society. The vocational programs suit their needs well, in being constructed in the way earlier described. Therefore, a conscious extra focus is put on the vocational programs now, in cooperation with local business, to equip the students with all the necessary skills to be employable and ready, to whatever field of work they will start a career in.

Since the region that our school resides in belongs to an area of high unemployment rate among young people, there is a great need to learn about career opportunities, entrepreneurship, networking, job issues, etc. The students are actively participating their studies in courses related to social studies, to understand and merge with the society, which for many is a complete new challenge, both socio-culturally and in terms of rules of the working life.
The involved teachers belong to both the vocational programs and the preparatory programs, and all have adequate qualifications and long-term experience from teaching within their fields. Also, the school’s group of international affairs and head of English department is, together with fellow language teachers, leading and participating in the project, from scratch. Several of the teachers have long-term experience from international project work from other contexts, for example from Comenius projects in the past.

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