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Report from the 1 st international S.P.E.E.D. conference in Hultsfred,
Sweden (Business Plan)

We kicked things off during the first morning of the conference, by letting all the participants
introduce themselves and their schools. After that, we let the Swedish team present their business
plan in detail, and go through the details in it.
After lunch, we engaged the staff and students in a volleyball tournament at the gymnasium, where
they were allowed to have some fun, get to know each other and practice social skills in a physical
team activity. It felt good to get up and move after having been seated all morning!
The second day was Field Trip day. The purpose of the excursions was to learn and find out more
about different entrepreneurs’ business plans and hear about what shaped their companies. For us,
being in the startup phase of the project, this was an inspiration and something highly appreciated by
the students, according to the evaluation form.
First off, we went to “The World of Astrid Lindgren”, a theme park (closed for the season) in
Vimmerby, 20 km from Hultsfred. We got a full presentation of their concept and a walking tour of
the premises. It was a unique experience, learning about the park and its authenticity to the novels
from the famous author, down to the last details. Something a bit different from all the other
corporate stuff you are used to see when visiting any kind of theme park, anywhere.
After that, we went to The Moose Park of Målilla, where the proprietor of that establishment told us
all about his family-run enterprise. It was quite a contrast to the multimillion dollar industry we just
visited, but a refreshing insight into the fact that running a business can be done in many different
ways and sizes, depending on the circumstances and resources.
In the evening, we visited the local nostalgia spot in Hultsfred, The Rock Archive, that commemorates
the now cancelled but once world renowned Hultsfred Music Festival. Today, there is a school
campus in the area, that focuses on media and event planning. We got to hear from the people
behind that and got a tour, a dinner and we enjoyed a live performance on site from one of the local
rock bands, consisting of former students from our school! A late evening, but a pleasant one!
On the third day, we gathered in the morning to meet in groups and discuss a few project related
discussion topics that we only briefly had a chance to go over during day 1. The groups were mixed
between the nationalities, so that the interaction would benefit the students. The questions were
designed to mirror the students’ feeling, thoughts and hopes for the project and its future.
Later, we visited our school’s tech centre close by, “Makerspace”. Here, the students were given an
opportunity to learn, try and find out about all manner of technical gadgets and tools, that were on
display. Later, one representative from Makerspace, gave a lecture on the technology and how it
could be a beneficial tool in pedagogical contexts, and other ones, too.
After lunch, we met with the local press, who interviewed some of the staff and students (radio,
newspapers) and we also had another lecture, about sustainability and alternative energy sources,
which is what this project is all about.
The farewell dinner (tacos!) was the last thing we did, plus a music quiz, organized by the students.

Three intense and rewarding days of conference was over and everyone was very happy with the
final outcome! Thanks to everyone that contributed! See you next time, in Belgium, in May!

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