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Please briefly present the partner organisation/group (e.g. its type, scope of work, areas of activity and if applicable, approximate
number of paid/unpaid staff , learners and members of the group).

Istituto Tecnico Tecnologico Guglielmo Marconi is a State Technical Institute located in a central area of the town of Padova. It is attended by a great number of students from the outskirt of the town since it is a school with specific branches such as Transport and Logistics, Mechanics, Mechatronics and Energy, Chemistry, Material and Biotechnology and Electronics. It is a very big school and it is now attended by about 1300 students, most male students. Also a lot of children of migrants are attending the school because of the great number of migrants in this area of Veneto Region.

The school is equipped with a lot of different laboratories: IT, languages, mechanics, electronics, CAD, air circulation, a flight simulator, meteorology. This allows teachers to implement innovative and lab based lessons and courses.

The school is taking part in a lot of national and local projects of "alternate school and job" in which the students of the 4th and 5th classes spend some weeks in the factories to learn so as to create a natural bridge between education and job.

The school is certified for quality and as a formation organization.

The school has also got an evening department which organizes courses for adult learners following the European objectives of the LLP.
For many years Marconi school has defined and undertaken a European Development Plan, which consists of different projects both for students and teachers with the purposes of: the internationalisation of the environment, the increase of management competences, staff competences, new teaching methods or tools, European dimension, language competences, curriculum, the organisation of teaching and learning.

The European and linguistic projects are the following:
• Leonardo "Crescere in Europa" LMB_A_PROD_3.14_1SCF.IVT ( 2011-12)
• Partner in a LLP Comenius " Beware -Be aware" 2013-1-NL1-COM06-12334-7 with other 8 European schools on the risks of young European teenagers.

What are the activities and experience of the partner organisation in the areas relevant for this project? What are the skills and/or expertise of key persons involved in this project?

The institute Marconi employs a team of 8 foreign language teachers and 15 teachers of the vocational programmes (STAFF COORDINATION) that have been responsible for the planning, management and monitoring of European projects and others. The team is led by a graduate in English, expert in the management of European projects since 2003, acting as a contact person and coordinator in guiding the team in the various activities. Besides three members of the administration, supported by the administrative director and the director, (ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF) work with this team and take care of the administrative management of the bureaucratic issues, thanks to the experience obtained in the management of previous projects and Webinar of the National Agency.
For many years Marconi has been promoting two activities strictly related with the present project:
1) "Inclusion" team, fostering innovative pedagogical and didactical methods;
2) adoption of "makers" philosophy, through a lab based Think-Make-Know process.

ITT Marconi has been partner in two student mobility projects (sending 54 students) for the placement abroad and it acquired skills in:
- definition of the objectives of mobility;
- agreement with the sponsoring institution on the destination countries, the duration and the content of mobility, the host organizations to be included in the proposal;
- identification of the target group of mobility (selection of beneficiaries);
- writing of contracts with individual beneficiaries;
- management of logistical and bureaucratic issues;
- evaluation of learning outcomes pursued by the beneficiaries thanks to the experience of mobility through the use of ECVET instruments, made in agreement with the institution and the project coordinator;
- collection and preparation of documentation for the presentation of the final report, done in conjunction with the director, the administrative director and 3 administrative assistants
In addition, Marconi promoted an Erasmus + KA1 Staff Mobility (19 teachers in CLIL training) who led the acquisition of skills such as :
- Design KA1 inside the action of the Erasmus + program;
- Management of the two flows of mobility with host organizations and beneficiaries selection and preparation of mobility phases;
- Realization of mobility;
- Monitoring during mobility;
- Dissemination of the results after each stage (CLIL workshops with other institutions)
- realization of provided materials (online guides CLIL);
- filling in the Mobility Tool and final report.

Since the school Marconi has been working for many years in developing a link between school and job , the idea of working in a project whose objective is the creation of a common students' firm, is stimulating and it represents the right conclusion of such a development.


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