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The story of the Erasmus week in Hungary,Halásztelek by Vilmos Tarnóczy


I write about the week, when the exchange students were here. We had a very good week, and I think we will remember this a long time.


There were so many nations, that came to Hungary.

  • Italians
  • Romanians
  • Germans
  • Belgians

My exchange student was an Italian one, Giovanni.

Sunday (7th October,2018)

On Sunday the Italians’ hosts, me, Lázár, Kristóf and Gábor, were very excited about the arriving. Because their plane arrived on that day. I woke up early, and prepared to welcome my exchange student, Giovanni.

Me and Lázár went to the airport together. Thanks to my mother, we got there just in time. We had a sign of the names of our exchanges, and we waited. After some time, they came! They did not look so tired, they were smiling and they greeted us really friendly.

Me, Giovanni, Lázár and his exchange, Daniele were really excited.

On the way back home, we talked much, and told some stories about our countries.

And we planned for the Italians a bowling play, at night.

We got home, Giovanni put his things in his room, and we went to Szigetszentmiklós, to play bowling at the Squash.

My two young brothers came too.

When we arrived, we waited for the others a bit, but after some time, everybody arrived.

Gábor’s exchange was Nicoló, Kristóf’s was Guglielmo.

On that night, the Italians tasted the Hungarian pizza, drank some Fanta, and played bowling.

Of course we, Hungarians played too, and we had so much fun too.

We chatted, laughed so much. We had a good time, even on the day when they came.

I think that was one of the best day of the week, and they just came.

We were happy, and tired at the end of the day.

Monday (8th October,2018)


On the day of October 8, Monday, we woke up at 7 o’clock.

On that day the Erasmus had a team training program, where we met the other countries, and where we got to know each other better.

On the way to the school me and Giovanni chatted much. I tought him some Hungarian words, and he tought me some Italian words like Dio (god), gatto (cat).


When we arrived to the school, we met the others. For a little time while we waited to start, the countries separated, and talked to each other.

I talked with my classmates, Lázár, Kristóf and Attila. The Italians were talking to each other, as the Germans, the Belgians and the Romanians.

Everyone talked about their exchange students, told how was the welcome, and what they did in the free time.

And later, the teachers came, and we started our program.

We splitted up into groups.

Italians, Hungarians, Germans, Romanians, Belgians.

Me and Gábor were in the Italian group, because the Hungarians were too many in one group.

The first tasks, connected to the group’s countries, their traditions.

I learnt so much about the traditions, like the Germans special day, when everything is clean, or the Romanian folk dance, and the Italian gestures.

There was a true-false quiz too, where we learnt the Romanian Vlad Teppes, the Dracula, and  that Hamburg is a capital, and a state too.

After that, the countries presented their home, their school for the others. The first was Hungary. Under the presentation Gábor showed us his really good English accent. He presented our famous sights, a small history of Hungary.

The Romanians had a really good accent too. They presented a little of Bukarest, their school, and it’s sights.

The Belgians talked about their school program, what they do, how they learn.

The Italians were presenting about their school, the previous Erasmus program, what they did, and some sections what they had. They have five laboratories!!!

The Germans presented their school, the Erasmus program, the bike station, that they build, and the sun panel, what they bought for their school. They talked a little about Herr Konstantin’s work, how he started the Erasmus.

The Hungarians’ task is to disseminate the S.P.E.E.D. project so the teacher showed  the foreign schools how we presented it. Through eTwinnig (mainly for the teachers) , our own Erasmus+ Facebook page,the Google Drive and emails,the youtube channel,our school own webpage,our local newspaper (Halásztelki Hírmondó),the local radio ( Lakihegy Radio)  and of course through the project’s own website ( erasmusplus-speed.hu/ ). It was a great and a lot of work to create these platform to communicate and disseminate our project work.

After that, an expert came and talked about how to start a business and how to do the marketing work. She talked how a business has to be built, and she gave us a task, to create a company.

Everyone created a really good company, which I’m sure, if they are real, they will be really succesful!!

After that, our director showed the school to the exchanges.

And after that, everyone went home, but the day didn’t end for us. We played FOOTBALL!!!!


Everyone switched their clothes, for the game, and we asked the school, to turn of lamps of our football field.

The game started.

For the first, the two teams mixed together the Italian and Hungarian gamers.

We played a little and after that, Gábor’s mother came with some apple juices for drink. Gábor’s grandfather’s little grandchild Csongor (he isn’t Gábors brother as he told me) came too.

And then the real fight started. Hungary vs Italy and Csongor. And we played for a bet.

The loser will do 50 push-ups right after the match.

It was a really hard play, the Italians were good, but Hungary didn’t let them win so easily.

The final score was 4-5 for Italy, and the Hungarians had to make the push-ups.

We were tired anyway, but we had to do it. It was devilish hard.

After that, we drank apple juice, and ate cakes, that Gábor’s mother brought.

We fell asleep really fast at that night.



Tuesday ( 9th October,2018)

On that day we had to wake up at 6:30 in the morning, because we had a trip to Emese park.

We were tired at the start, but we regained our energy soon.

We walked to school again, with Giovanni. We talked about traditions, how we built a house, and why we do things, and how we do it.

When we arrived, our bus came, and we started to go to Emese park.

While we were on the bus, me and Lázár watched anime.

When we arrived, we had to wait, but after some time we went in. At the Emese park the foreigners got to know the ancient Hungarians.

Gábor and me had to translate what the guider said.

He told us about the famous Hungarian horseback archery, how they fought, and how they rode.

After that he showed us the weapons of the aincent Hungarians, and told some Hungarian buring tradition.  It wasn’t so easy to translate, because the words were soooo old, but Kristóf and the others helped us.

After the presentation we got some excercises.

We splitted up to groups.

I went with the Germans, Lázár, Kristóf and some of the Hungarians.

First, we went  boating, and after that we made some candles. It was really exciting. But the best part of the program was the shooting with the bow.

Everyone had two arrows, and everybody shot well (the German teacher shot twice as much).

After visting the Emese park, we went to a wild park, kind of a zoo.

There were so many kinds of animals. It was amazing. We saw so many kinds, like eagles, meerkats, llamas, pigs, horses, deers and a lot more.

When we finished, we went to the River Danube to eat something. The original plan, was to eat Lángos, but the restaurant was closed. The Belgians and the Romanians found a restaurant, but it was a bit expensive for the Italians so we kept going, until we found the Karám restaurant and the teacher gave us fries.

When we finished the lunch, we ate icecream, and played at the local playground.

After that we went home.

Of course we planned a program again.

We took the Italians for a cycle trip. We went to the near bridge. It was a long trip, and we got home late, but I think it was good, and  the Italians liked it. Guglielmo had the worst bike, so he was really tired  when we arrived to the bridge. But Gábor was a hero, and he switched his car.

On that night, I took Giovanni for a night sightseeng in Budapest. My mother took us to Budapest, and we showed him how Budapest looks at night. We showed him the bridges, the Parliament, the Whale, the National Museum, and the Heroes square.



Wednesday (10th October,2018)

On Wednesday, the main topic of the program was the sights of Budapest. Everyone woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning, and arrived at school at 8:45.

The Hunyadi students were excited about the exchanges. They were asking us what is our exchange’s nation, and wanted us to introduce them.  But soon, the bus arrived so we started to go to Budapest.

The weather was beautiful, we could see everything from the bus.

We stopped next to the Parliament, and we went to the iron boots, the jewish monument, next to River Danube.

From the Hungarians, one of them read a small text, what happened in the World War II.

After that we went to the Parliament. The exchanges were taking selfies, watched the houses, the sights of Budapest. We could see the Buda Castle very well.

After some time, we went to the behind of the Parliament, and there, I read a text about it.

The informations about the Parliament were astonishing even for the Hungarians.

After that, we made a group selfie.

When we finished outside, we went inside the parliament. There, a guide welcomed us. With headphones he could talk to us.

We saw the Holly Crown, the paintings, the kings, entering hall, frescos, even the guard changing.

It was really beautiful, and every exchanges were taking photos.

After that, we went to the parliament museum, and when we finished, we went outside, to start walking to the Buda Castle.

It was a really long journey.

We went through the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, up on the Király stairs. When we arrived, there was a guard changing in front of the Sándor-Palace.

We were giggling with the exchanges, because the turists were acting at them funny.

There was another text reading, and after that we went to the Saint Matthias church. We had there a little time, to look around, the church, and the Fishermans Bastion.

Lázár and Soma read a text about the church and the bastion.

With the Italians, we visited the bastion. It has a really good panorama.

The Romanians were taking photos, the Germans were walking around, and the Belgians were sitting on the nearby benches.


After that we went to the Váci Street. There we had 2 hours for free time. Me, Kristóf and Lázár went with the Italians. They were shopping in a nearby souvenir store. It took almost 1 hour :D.

But we were hungry, so we went to a KFC. Giovanni came with us. We ate there and it was really tasty. We visited a cloth shop, but didn’t buy anything. Anyway we had fun with the clothes.

We found some really funny caps and glasses, so we had fun.

After that, we went back to school.

On the way home, we played phone games with the Italians, but we had to stop, because the teachers gave us a test about Budapest sights.

But for consolation, Gábor gave us cakes. Her grandmother made them and they were really good!

For the returning, the exchanges shouted „Thank You Grandma!!!” in a camera. Thank you grandma!


When we arrived to the school, we couldn’t go home, because the Erasmus party started!!!

We danced for so many songs, ate pizza, drank syrup, and sang. It was really good.

It was funny, that Nicoló told us, that the Hungarians can eat the Hungarian pizza, but the Italian is much better. It think he is right :D

At the start, the Germans  danced waltz with each other, the Belgians  sat, and the Romanians danced a bit away from the others.

The Italians were amazing. They danced so much with the Hungarians, especially Giovanni and Daniele.  It was really funny.

But when everyone warmed up, the real party started!

The Germans danced really cool! All of the girls were amazing.

The Belgians were jumping and singing really good.

The Romanians joined us, and after some time we realized they are really really really good at dance.

Soma  danced with one of them.

Near to the end, the best songs were played, and everyone danced together. It was so funny and good.

At 10 o’clock in the evening, we finished. Everyone went home, but the feeling of the party was still with us.



Thursday (11th October,2018)

Thursday was the last day when we had free time with the exchanges. We were a little sad about this, but we did everything to do this day the best.

At school we had really good lessons.

We splitted up into groups, and played volleyball, danced folk dance, and made key ring.

I was with Lázár, Daniele, the Romanians and the Belgians.

The first program was the key ring making.

The teacher gave us pixel cubes, and we had to place them in a frame.

Everyone was so creative and made a really good ring.

Daniele suffered, because his hands were big, and the cubes were small, so it was really hard to him. But it was funny.  We always asked him: Daniele do you enjoy? ?

When we finished, we went to the gym. There we played volleyball.

The teams were mixed.

I was with Lázár, and the Belgians.

In the other team, there was Daniele, the Romanians, and some of the Belgians.

The game was really good, because no one could find out who would win. I think everyone enjoyed it.

After that we had a folk dance lesson. Teacher Kriszta, the schools folk dance teacher taught us two moves: the csárdás and the cifra.


She taught us an easy, but a really good dance choreography.  When we danced, we realized that the Romanians were dancing really good. We asked them, and they told us, they danced folk dance for 6 years.

The dance was really good, and at the end, we danced the whole. Teacher Kriszta told us we are the best.

When the other groups came, Giovanni showed us what he learned. It was really good, and really funny. He was really clever. Daniele joind him.

After having luch, all students went into one classroom.

There everyone got their diploma, and chocolates.


It was the last program of the Erasmus.


After that, I had to lead the Romanians to the nearest bus stop.

We talked on the way. They said they enjoyed Hungary, and it was really good. When we arrived, we said goodbye to each other, and I ran back to the school. There was a radio reporte who made a riport with us about the Erasmus week.

When I arrived, we planned the program and went to play football.

On the field, there was already a class, so we joined them. After their lesson finished, we played with little childern. It was funny, but it was also hard, because the children were too much.

After playing footbal, we went to the sport filed of Halásztelek with the other students.

There we played football.

I asked the Germans to play, and they came too. I asked a lot of questions about them, because I learn German, and I’m going to Germany in spring.

I got to know they have some problems with their language too, but it’s fine. They also tought me how to say: do you want to play football with us. I learned so much from them.

Their names are Sofia, Hannah,Tina and Lara.

We played cat game with football with the others, and it was really good.

But after some time we had to leave the football field, because the local trainings started, but there was a big field next to it, so we had a place.

Then we splitted up into two groups and played ball holding. Who have the ball for a longer time is the winner.

Daniele, Lázár, Giovanni, Gábor, little Csongor (who is not Gábor’s brother) were in one team

I was with Hannah, Lara, Sofia and Lili, a Hungarian student.

It was really good, the German girls were playing really good, we had a good team.

At that time, the other students were sitting on benches, and ate chips. The Belgians were talking to the Hungarians and with each other.

When the sun went down a bit, we had to go home. I said Tchüss to the German girls, and went home with Giovanni.

But the program didn’t finish for the Italians. Lázár’s mother, Judit made Lángos for dinner, and she invited us to eat.

So we went to Lázár’s home. There we played video games, with each other.

Daniele was really funny, because when Giovanni came, he tought him how to make and eat lángos ?. It was so funny. And when Gábor and Nicoló came, they taught him too.

At the time Guglielmo was with Kristóf. Kristófs father took him with his motorbike for a round. As I heard he had a really good time.

When we finished lángos, Judit brought almost all of the Hungarian cakes to us to taste them. There were cakes what I never tasted before. But they were really tasty, and the Italians liked it too.

When it got late, we finished video games, and we went home. It was the last day, but we both were happy i think, because we had an amazing day.

Friday (12th October,2018)

On that day the Italians had to go to airport. We had to wake up at 6 o’clock, because the teacher wanted us to go there early.

First, we went to the Tököl Airport hotel to meet with the with the others. There  Kristóf picked up the Italian Professoressa (teacher), and started to go to the airport.

On the way, we asked them how was the week, did they enjoy it.

They said it was really good, and the enjoyed it, they had a lot of fun too.

At the terminal we gave each other a hug, said goodbye to everyone. We told them: If you ever want to go to Hungary again, just phone us, we’ll be waiting for you!

We said goodbye, and they went to the plane.

We were a bit sad, but we knew, it wasn’t the last time we saw them.


To say something for last, I think this week was a really really good week of our lives, we don’t have this kind of week very often. I got a lot of friends, not just from other countries, but I got know a lot of Hungarian students.


I think this week was a memorable week in our lives, and we can’t wait for to meet again.

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At the end of September Yuliia Serpeninova professor from the Szumi University,came to our school to give a presentation : How to start a business.
16 students ( members of our Erasmus+ S.P.E.E.D. team) took part in this workshop in Hunyadi School in Halásztelek.
On the first day we got basic information about starting an enterprise.
We have a lot of questions because it was the first time to deal with this topic in our school. Slowly we began to plan our own business.
On the second day two bank representatives visited us and talked about the possibilities of a company foundation in Hungary.
With our knew financial knowledge every team designed a firm with names,logos and the students gave presentations.
You can see the results in the photos!
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