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We have been an associate partner of the Comenius-Project team for 16 years till 2014. We have taken part in all projects and their activities since then till the end of the Life-Long-Learning Comenius Multilateral Programme.

We have always fully contributed to the planning, implementation and evaluation of the mutual projects and cooperation at all their stages in our role of a second Comenius-Project coordinator of the international team and later, since 2015, as the main coordinator institution of the Erasmus+  European team.


The school, situated in the countriside of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, has been offering since its foundation more than 50 years ago, a full-day educational programme and supervision (“Ganztagsgymnasium der gebundenen Form”, the first school of this type in Baden-Württember). The students come partly from distances up till 40 km. We have at about 800 students and 80 teachers.


We offer our students far more than the obligatory school curriculum. Additionally to it, we offer them extracurricular activities and homework-preparation lessons which are held not only in the afternoon, but are integrated into the natural daily timetable, synchronized with the other lessons in different subjects. Such offers are, for example, activities in drama performances, music, dance, painting, different other creative workshops, many kinds of sport activities.


Furthermore, we help our students with special needs with additional lessons and assistance to overcome some of their difficulties at school and at doing their homework.


The original concept of the school was and still is to enable ALL students, irrespective of their familiar or social environment, to properly and successfully  organize their daily school routine and to go home in the late afternoon with ready-done homework.

The students spend their school days together, have free time together, communicate freely with their teachers who also spend the bigger part of the day at school and are at their students' disposal if their help or advice are needed.

In this sense, together with the parents, many of whom are former students of our school, we create a sense of community, speaking of the "Geist vom GTO" (the spirit of GTO). This makes our daily routine interesting and effective and motivates both pupils and teachers in their mutual cooperation and learning.


Since 2015 we have been entrusted with the responsibility of being the first coordinator of our European team, a challenge that makes us aware of the big and demanding task standing in front of us but it also motivates us to continue with our successful team work, giving every year many hundreds of students in Europe the chance to work with each other, to exchange ideas and to profit from their mutual experiences.


Furthermore, we have a long tradition of cooperation with local business companies and organisations which contribute to our students' proper professional counselling, orientation and training. These are the Volksbank, AZO, Sprügel, Ansmann.


The Volksbank offers regularly our students a presentation and introduction into the banking business, the project “Banking for Starters”, which we will certainly include into our Erasmus+ project.


AZO regularly offers our students a presentation of the firm, guided presentation of the exhibition about the firm's international connections and even possible practical training.


Sprügel offers workshops about personal planning and resources, presentations connected with professional training and study and even a simulation of application interviews.


During the Erasmus+ project, we in Germany will, like always, closely cooperate with our local partners mentioned above and, furthermore, will invite an external expert from an academic institution who will supply the students and teachers with the necessary theoretical and practical skills they need for the proper  realization of the project targets.


Speaking about the general integration of the theme “Young People's Enterpreneurship” into the school curriculum, I must also add the fact that the theme “Foundation of a Students' Firm” will be integrated with several units into the curriculum of the subject of Economics. Simultaneously with that, in cooperation with our project, the colleagues from the Economics department will start a seminar with the same title for the classes 11. and 12., of course on a higher abstraction level, so that in two years in our school we will have a full thematic continuum of “Young People's Enterpreneurship” in the Economics classes 9., 10., 11. and 12.

 In this way, our Erasmus + project will be the starting point of a continuous theoretical and practical thematic development in our school, a fact that proves at best its sustainability.


Sustainability has already been a central thematic issue of a common project connected with renewable sources of energy in 2009 till 2011: This was the project E.Y.E. (Keep an Eye on Your Environment). During this project we dealt with different types of natural energy sources: solar energy, wind energy, biogas energy. There were different project products, for example, we in Germany fixed photovoltaik panels on the roof of our school building. The electricity that has been generated is transferred into the electricity net of the region and so it minimises partially the electricity bill that has to be paid by the school financing authority.

On the other hand, the data about the generated amount of energy and the saved CO2 emissions are transmitted into the Physics classes via blue-tooth connection. In this way, these data can be evaluated by the students, they can produce different charts and graphs, prepare presentations on their basis, i.e. to verbalise the empiric material for the lessons in Physics and even in biligual lessons (Physics & English). This enhances the development of their skills of making presentations in public and increases their future professional chances as team members or leaders in a successful professional environment.

Category: Articles