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About the project

By means of a partnership among six different schools and various local stakeholders we aim at a mutual goal and product: to make all the students involved build up a students' firm with each partner school representing a branch of the same firm with specific tasks and roles. The general aims are concerned with fighting social problems and hazards concerning young people and their future chances of proper professional and social realization by improving education and training processes and thus offering them adequate skills and strategies of making successful career.


- to give an effective basic orientation for young European students in terms of their prospective possibilities of professional development and realization not only in their home countries but also throughout Europe;
- to have a better knowledge of the job world and its rules;
- to profit and choose from different experiences and training offers created by our respective extracurricular partners in all six project-member countries:
-to widen the horizons of our students concerning their future career chances not only on a local or national basis, but also more globally, in the European Union;
- to start their own independent enterpreneurship;
-to deepen their competence in a foreign language as a useful tool of mobility throughout Europe.
-to include the project's theme into the respective local/national curricula;
- to cooperate with local stakeholders by organizing workshops and training practical courses;
- to enhance team work and cooperation

Work process

Each partner school will be responsible for a specific subproject.
The Belgian school will be in charge of managing human resources and connections among partners.
The Swedish school will be in charge of defining a business plan.
The Italian school will be in charge of realizing a prototype of the final product.
The Romanian school will be in charge of the marketing concept and process.
The Hungarian schoolwill be in charge of documentation, communication and dissemination.
The German school, as the coordinator of the project, will be in charge of administrative tasks and implementation of the final product.
In particular to build up a common ground, during the first project's year all the partners will include the theme of entrepreneurship and firm foundation into the respective school curriculum for the specific target group with the aim of providing the students with profound theoretical and practical knowledge.

Expected results

1) the creation of a students' firm in Germany which will manage the concrete project's product: an e-filling station on the school campus in Osterburken. Each school partner represents a branch of the firm with a specific role:
a) Communication Plan: Hungary;
b) overall Business Plan: Sweden;
c) Humarn Resources management: Belgium;
d) technical research and prototype production: Italy;
e) Marketing analysis: Romania;
f) financing and administrative sector, foundation of the firm, construction of the e-filling station: Germany.
2) the creation of a Guideline translated in all the patners' languages, will guarantee the sustainability of the project.